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Support Group for Brain Injury Survivors and Families

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Join our Support Group for Brain Injury Survivors and Families and gain valuable knowledge, support, and resources to navigate the challenges of living with a brain injury. Led by experts from The Brain Injury Association of London and Region, this course is designed to provide education, advocacy, and support to individuals and families affected by brain injuries. Through interactive discussions, informative presentations, and practical exercises, you will learn about the impact of brain injuries, coping strategies, and available resources. Our experienced facilitators will guide you in developing effective communication skills, managing emotions, and building a strong support network. By participating in this Support Group, you will gain a deeper understanding of brain injuries, enhance your problem-solving abilities, and improve your overall well-being. Join us and connect with others who share similar experiences, find comfort in a supportive community, and empower yourself to lead a fulfilling life after a brain injury.

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