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About Us

Who We Are

We are committed to maximizing the quality of life of individuals with brain injury, their family and friends through: peer and community support, information about available services, resources and programs, public awareness of the causes, impact and prevention of brain injury, and advocacy on behalf of those affected.

What We Do

Since 1982, we have helped to maximize the quality of life for individuals affected by brain injury through education, support, advocacy and increasing public awareness. The association consists of both community members and professionals, and we are continually growing and expanding our resources to better assist those affected by brain injury, and to prevent brain injury through education.

Why We Do

While support services to survivors and their families are a major part of our work, prevention and education are also important, and we promote safety wherever we can. In recognition of our work in bicycle helmet promotion, we received a Road Safety Award from the Ministry of Transportation for our role in organizing the largest helmet sale in Canada (according to published reports). We have participated with other agencies over the years to promote Safe Kids Week. We have conducted a head protection workshop in an industrial setting (a first for our agency), and continue to offer head protection sessions to groups around the area.

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