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New Changes in Membership Options

The Ontario Brain Injury Association and participating community brain injury associations have formally linked their organizations to become the Community Support Network (CSN). The main purposes of this arrangement are to provide a stronger voice for people living with acquired brain injury and to develop province wide programs. The Peer Support Mentoring Program is a prime example of these programs.

The Brain Injury Association of London & Region is pleased to announce that we have now signed a Dual Membership Shared Activity Agreement with the CSN. This agreement offers our individual members the opportunity to belong to both OBIA and our Association for one low price.

Membership Options

Dual Membership to OBIA & Brain Injury Association of London & Region.

  • Individual Membership - $30

    • 1 person​

  • Family Membership - $50

    • ​2 or more persons in same household

  • Subsidized - $5​

    • ​Available if required

What Is Dual Membership?
  • A dual member is eligible to be a member of OBIA as well as their local community association. Proceeds from membership are shared with the local community associations.

  • Another method of applying for a dual membership would be to participate in our research study, available for both adults and children & youth under 16 living with the effects of acquired brain injury. Please complete the application form and a link will be sent to you via email to complete the Adult Questionnaire online. In appreciation of your effort in filling out this survey, we would offer you a one-year free dual membership in both OBIA and the local brain injury association of your choice.

  • Survey in link to be added to our site

Why Become A Dual Member?

With over 20 community associations across the province, the Ontario Brain Injury Association has become a strong network of members forming a stronger voice for those living with the effects of ABI.

  • Membership in both the Ontario Brain Injury Association and a participating local community association. Individual members shall be entitled to one vote at both the participating community association and OBIA’s annual general meetings. Family members shall be entitled to no more than two at both the participating community association and OBIA’s annual general meetings.

  • Dual membership is available to individuals and families who support the aims and objectives of participating community associations and OBIA. Corporations, associations, partnership or other types of organizations are welcome to support participating community associations and OBIA by listing or advertising in the on-line ABI Directory of Services, but may not hold membership.

  • Members will receive a one-year subscription to OBIA Review and the newsletter of the participating community association.

  • Members may participate in the Peer Support Program for people living with ABI (information also on this website).

  • Members will have free access to OBIAs’ resource library and be eligible for a discount on most of OBIAs’ training programs.

Becoming a member will keep you up to date with ABI news and activities and also demonstrate your support for people living with the effects of ABI.

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