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Annual Brain Injury Conference

For the past 15 years, survivors, family members and professionals have attended our Annual Brain Injury Conference. Between informative topics presented by knowledgeable speakers and elaborate exhibits, guests learn tips and trends that can help them live their everyday lives. The conference also lends the opportunity for professionals to network, family members and survivors to get to know one another in a laidback, exciting environment.


Workshops are offered throughout the year on various topics surrounding brain injury. These exciting half day workshops help to keep health professionals up to date on current research in the field of brain injury as well as information financial programs or the impact legislation changes may have on their clients.

Brain Basics Training Program

The Brain Basics Training Program is a two day course designed to provide frontline Health Care Workers, Caregivers and others with a readily understandable introduction to the world of Brain Injury. In order to understand the importance of the strategies that might work with someone with an ABI, one must first understand the nature and complexity of Acquired Brain Injury.

The Monarch Magazine

The Monarch Magazine is published quarterly as a primary means of providing education. Readers are kept informed of new and interesting brain injury related topics. It includes articles by professionals and inspiring stories written by survivors and family members.

Perth County Concussion.png
Perth County Concussion Program

For Perth residents only. 16+ concussion / ABI survivors.

This program is supported by a grant made possible by: Brain & Mind Matters Community Fund, held within the Stratford Perth Community Foundation The Cowan Foundation.

This program was developed by Julia Armstrong and Nicole Ferreira in collaboration with the Brain Injury Association of London and Region.

The Perth County Concussion Program (PCCP) is a 6-week multi-disciplinary education program for individuals with post-concussion symptoms. In a small group setting (10-15 people), participants will receive education and strategies to improve functioning, coping, and life participation post-concussion.

Guest speakers include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech-language pathology and social work. Each session will include education, a list of community resources, and the opportunity to observe the use of goods and technology related to the speaker’s scope of practice.

PCCP is designed to facilitate learning in a group with different learning styles, sensory/cognitive abilities, values, and experiences. Furthermore, we understand that many of participants have challenges with trauma, depression, anxiety or substance use. As such, the PCCP will be consistent with trauma informed care.

Given the current COVID 19 Pandemic, the PCCP will be administered virtually. In order to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all participants, two one-on-one sessions will be provided (virtually) – one at the start, and the other partway through the program.

To find out how you can join the Perth Concussion Program please email or call 519-642-4539

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