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Volunteers are by far one of the greatest assets to any organization and the Brain Injury Association of London and Region is absolutely no exception.

For more than twenty years the Association has strived to support individuals living with the effects of brain injury to maximize their quality of life whether it has been in the capacity of advocacy and support, or providing resources, educational awareness campaigns, forums and effective programming. The reality is, that with a staff of one and a five county area to serve, the Association truly would not be able to be there to support those who need our services without our volunteers.

Volunteerism truly touches almost every aspect of the Association. Whether they be Board members or office support staff; fundraisers or conference planners; Monarch contributors or website designers; support group facilitators or other committee members, the Association literally could not exist without them. It is their gift of time and talent that allows the Association to not only exist but to flourish.

Ever growing, the Association needs volunteers to assist in many areas. In addition to London, we serve the five counties of Middlesex, Elgin, Oxford, Perth & Huron and welcome volunteers from any of those areas. If you would like to get involved, please complete the volunteer application form and mail, fax or email it to our office. Please send email applications to

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities include working on Committees (view upcoming committee meetings), providing office help, assisting with selling 50/50 tickets at London National Hockey Games, Helmet on Kids program, or becoming a mentor.

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