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Peer Support Mentor Program

Have You Or A Loved One Experienced A Brain Injury?

Our peer support mentoring program offers an additional resource to those experiencing the effects of brain injury and the resulting life changes. There are opportunities for both those adjusting to the effects of brain injury in their lives, and those who wish to offer help and support through sharing of their experience.

Do You Feel In Need Of Some Support?

For both survivors and their family members, the peer mentoring program offers an alternative and much needed form of support. You are partnered with a fellow survivor or family member who has experienced a similar situation first-hand and is empathetic to your frustration. Mentoring takes place over the phone, focussing on discussion and resolution (where possible) of particular problems or issues.

More specifically, mentors have been trained to:

  • Offer a listening ear as you sort through the effects of ABI on your life

  • Share their experience in coping with injury

  • Share strategies and resources that worked for them

  • Support you while you figure out the strategies that might help you

Would You Like To Help Others Who Are Experiencing The Effects Of ABI?

The peer support mentoring program partners up a survivor or their family member with a volunteer who is a fellow survivor/family member. The volunteer has first-hand experience with the particular issues, having experienced a similar situation and is empathetic towards their frustration. As a peer mentor, you would communicate by phone and discuss (or resolve where possible) particular problems or issues, becoming an additional resource for support and education for those adjusting to the effects of ABI.

Contact the Peer Support Coordinator

The Peer Support Program is open to all adults (16 years or older) who have sustained a brain injury, or their family members.

For more information on how to find a mentor, contact Peer Support Coordinator, Jamie Fairles by emailing or please call (519) 642-4539.


Not in London and area?

Click here for information on programs in other regions.

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